Sunday, August 05, 2012

Awesome Uniform Resource

Foreign Commissioners in Wellington's Headquarters
An excellent site for 1815 uniforms by Alexis can be found here:  Les Uniformes Pendant les campaign des cent jours

I have spent the last half hour exploring it and have not reached the end.  There are some gaps and Alexis is very open about what is missing.

While you may need to brush up on your French, as the site is written only in French, the source is very well done!


James Fisher, FINS said...

It's a great site isn't it? I presume that you have already 'found' the Histofig site (

MurdocK said...

No James I had not gone through that site.

My French is just not up to that much searching before getting to a 'picture' to detail the uniforms in text is something that always leaves me confused, even in English.

I have enjoyed the images that the Funcken's did and used them as my starting template.

Since I am not doing a 1-1, nor even a really 1-50 conversion of numbers for my troops the shako pompom's or plumes do not need to be exact. I have found it useful to paint all of one 'pose' in one color schematic. I do this so that it is faster to re-assemble the units after a battle.

I do not use casualty caps or counters or any other 'outside' method - when castings are casualties in my games I tip them over and 'out' of the unit onto the surface of the battlefield. Therefore, when the battle is over, I need some way to quickly re-assemble the units. So I have found using the 'pose & color scheme' the best.

At first I was going to go with the battalions in the colors and details, then I played a few games and realized it was better - especially with the Russians (who have very slight differences in uniform & I have only two 'poses' from the molds for them).