Saturday, July 07, 2012

Some Role play stuff

I have not been active in the Role Playing arena for about three years now, my time is more taken up by my business needs and keeping my family happy.

My oldest son is becoming more interested in RPG's and I have recently gifted him my hardback AD&D set (the ones from 1979-82) DMG, PH, MM, FF, MMII, Manual of the Planes, along with a whole bunch of my AD&D adventure notes and NPCs.  My wife has asked if I could consider game mastering with him and a couple of his friends, I have answered maybe; yet the problem is one of desire to tell a story and do so with active players.  While my son is keen to start, his 'finish' is sometimes non-existent. That coupled with the time commitment and a 'lack' of story telling desire on my part would make for a poor experience, in my view.

Today I have been sent an interesting article about this very subject, most certainly I agree with the appraisal that these are the attributes that belong to a good Game Master:

The Good GMs that I've played with have a number of things going for them:
- Fascinating Worlds
- Command of their Rules
- Fast Math Skills
- Natural Improvisational Acting Ability
- Passion for the Game
- Zest for Adventure (in and out of the game)
- Some inkling of what players mean by "Hero"
- A sense of Story
- The ability to Play Wicked on behalf of Evil NPCs
- At least a basic understanding of Combat Tactics
- Graciousness when confronting disagreement
- Sturdiness when confronting disagreeableness
- Descriptive Narration Skills
- Organizational Skills
- Tons of Imagination

That's a lot. And all of them help to make for the Good GM.

I would say that, today - right now - my "Zest for Adventure" is more out of the game world and IN the REAL WORLD - which is why I resist putting time into the RPGs.

One other cool link was shared, one filled with fantasy fonts for printing out stuff:

33 Fantasy True Type Fonts

At least one of these fonts may find its way into my activities in the coming months.

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