Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Horses Painting - basic level finished

Hussar and cuirass horses at the basic finished stage
 The cavalry were shaping up well now as the 'paint' layers were done on all of them.

Brunswick hussar horses at basic finished stage
 More time was to be used on the riders to finish up any errors or fix 'over paint' mistakes.  This is something that take up some time and when the rider is attached to the horse at the start, the correcting of these mistakes often generates more on the horse - meaning more corrections needed - and the cycle gets going.

Polish Lancers horses to basic finished stage
When dealing with very detailed models, like the cuirassier or the lancers in this set, such constant correction is a mad-house of fixing - fixing - fixing.  With the riders separate, I get to be sloppy in all aspects of the starting of the minis, indeed with the horses most of the work is done very very wet, intentionally.

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