Friday, July 06, 2012

Next Project : Dutch Infantry British & French Horse

Next up on the painting table are Dutch Infantry (to go with those Hussars - of course!) and to complete my Heavy Cavalry for the Fast Play Grand Arme Waterloo games that I want to run: British Heavy Dragoons and French Carabiniers.

1812 - 1815 pattern French Heavy Cavalry Uniforms for Carabiniers, as illustrated by Lilliane and Fred Funcken

Again I have turned to the excellent works of Lilliane and Fred Funcken for inspiration in the painting plans.

This time I shall also be converting castings, Prince August puts out many fine molds and I love the fact that I can and have built huge armies of metal toy soldiers.  There is a challenge though with the variety - there are no molds of the 1812-15 pattern Carabiniers.  Nor are there any for the earlier pattern for that matter.
as 'cast' from the mold
 I have chosen to use the Cheveaux-Leger Lancers model to modify with some putty, to put on the plume (for the officers) and the cuirass that they wore.  I have also cut off the carbine from the casting and will be putting some cut down muskets into the gauntlet hand rather than the cast lance and pennant.

If I were to do an earlier Carabineer I would use the chasseur mold, adding only some to the bearskin hat to make the difference, as the uniforms were very similar.

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