Thursday, July 05, 2012

Horses Painting - flocking

Hussars and Cuirassier all flocked
 Flocking, which for my troops mostly means attaching a static grass material to the fender washer bases and blending all into one mass on the base stand from the cast minis.

I use a mix of Golden gel medium molding paste, brown and black paint and water.  It all gets spread on with a toothpick (normally for the smaller bases) for the large dragon base this time I used a putty knife then did the edges with the toothpick.  Once the paste is on I just dip them in a tub of the flocking material, leave dry ... as you see them here.

Dutch officers, Dragon, 24 artillerymen and Polish Lancers all flocked

Total time in flocking was 2 hours 30 minutes.  This included time to remove them from the painting sticks and clean off the bottom of all bases.  Sometimes this is fast, sometimes not - I had an easy time with these horses - not so much with some of the artillerymen.  So I am just counting all the time towards the horses.

TOTAL TIME 426 minutes, or 10 minutes 23 seconds per horse (not including riders or drying time).


VolleyFireWargames said...

Interesting your lancers and hussars look like Prince August figures is that correct?

MurdocK said...

VolleyFire you are correct, the Hussars (both types) and Lancers from this painting lot are Prince August.

As are the gunners and one of the 'Dutch' officers.