Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Horse Painting - mounting riders

Cuirassier command now on horseback
 The combination moment had come, after another 2 hours of riders painting (and fixing) it was time to mount them on their horses.
The finished look is coming close
 The separation from the card 'painting stand' and mounting onto horseback took only 10 minutes.
These cuirassier models were very detailed
These were then left to set and dry overnight before the gloss coating would be done.

Total time to this stage:  264 minutes or 4 hours 24 minutes with 41 horses that works out to 6 minutes 27 seconds per miniature.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I presume that is the time for the horses only . . . or does it include the riders as well?

-- Jeff

tidders said...

nice to see how you go about painting

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

You are correct Jeff, horses only.

The riders I did not account for all the time.

I estimate another 8-10 hours? Part of the time challenge here is that I also did 24 artillerymen and three foot officers at the same time as the riders.