Sunday, July 06, 2008

Still seeing RED...

Loads more done on the British Forces for Vimeiro, now looking like it might be played out 'in' my back yard!

I still may do a segment using the tabletop and have it all ready on standby in case the weather is not good for the backyard game.

Today, the 6th of July also marks a dark moment during the middle phase of the French Imperial occupation of Portugal. A town of some 5000 people was taken and sacked by the French. They later retreated to Lisbon, as holding any of the outer provinces during the ongoing uprisings was not possible for the long term.

While this image by Goya is to represent the actions of the May 3 start of the uprisings, the actions and intent of the French may not have been much different on July 6, 1808. Enforcement of the 'Continental System' was essentially impossible and many had to pay the ultimate price before the situation was ultimately resolved.

Still greater and more lovely sunsets were to come for Leiria, like this one...

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