Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Garden War Rules:

A question was put about what rules I was planning for the coming garden battle.

My first thought was to press on with a new set that I have called Le Feu Sacre, while I have not yet fully read these rules and have not tested them on the tabletop...they do have some merits.

In the meantime I have reviewed my time available for playtest and understanding of the new rules, let alone being ready to run such a game in the yard.

What I realized was I needed a game that was mostly known to many players locally and could be run with simple supports. I would like that to be Napoleon's Battles, but I know that the system is just to 'busy' with modifiers and math for many of the players.

In the end I think I will go with SHAKO (version 0 or 1 whichever you fancy), but I will be running the game at DOUBLE SCALE. This way there should be more room between the forces when they start to get into action, and when we play we can get a little closer to the correct scale for the minis. I shall try a playtest (possibly solo since there is a convention meeting the same day) on July 27, 2008. Expect more information after then...

Until then I shall have to press on harder in seeking time to PAINT!!!


Capt Bill said...

Garden wargaming certainly solves the edge of the world that table gaming creates. Very interested to hear your views....Bill

MurdocK said...

I think that the 'edge' is still going to be around, just a bit fuzzier.

My first run of the game will tell me more, but the basic problem is still there, just set out on a larger playing field.

Our start zone will be limited and this will have the usual effect of concentrating the battle in a certain area. The 'flank action' will be a bit more obvious since each player will be able to see the movements to the flank. The only question will be 'how far out' the flanks will extend.

rpardo said...

I see forward to ear about an independent playtesting of 'Le Feu Sacré'. I bought the rules but still I have not played. I am using my old Napoleon's Battles changing the scale from 1"/100yds to 1"/50yds or 1"/25yds

MurdocK said...

Ah yes, something I did recently for the Friedland game that we ran last year.

Unfortunately there are not enough keen Napoleonic players here, so I shall have to use some simpler rules until I can find the keen players.