Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Evora's Terrible Fate:

Former Naval officer, Major-General Francisco de Paula Leite, commanded some 3000 so-called regular troops against General of Division Jean-Baptiste-Maurice Loison and his 7000 men sent to take Evora. 29 July marks the 200th anniversary of this 'red day' in the continuing saga of the French invasion of Portugal.

While the French may not have been the first or even second battalions of their regiments, they were all better trained, led and equipped than their Portugese opponents. After the battle, which the French reported losing 100 KIA and 200 wounded; while the Portugese/Spanish losses were 2000 to 4000 (KIA, wounded and prisoners - the exact numbers will never be known), the French sacked the town of Evora. Loison had before sanctioned cruelty to cow the people by sheer terror. Soon all of Portugal knew of Evora's terrible fate.

In Portugal to this day Loison, nicknamed 'Maneta', has his named cursed.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...love little bits of information like this - thanks for sharing... will you do a re-fight of the battle?

Maneta = "lever" (as in door handle) in English??

MurdocK said...

No plans for re-fight of this battle...I do not have any of the Portugese troops (though I could do a 'simulation' with some of the 'mixed' troops I have).

as far as Meneta and what it means I have no idea...perhaps Rafa might have some thoughts?