Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Garden Force:

In a test to see what my road and river materials looked like in pictures, I decided to set them out and lay out a few troops to compare.

Tell me what you think?

The road and river material is a non-slip matting meant for kitchen drawers etc.


Capt Bill said...

Very interesting concept of garden wargaming. I like it!...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...


Actually they look pretty good there in the grass . . . but I'd feel better if they were 54mm figs and none of them were wearing green. . . . I fear for lost figures.

I'm too old and creaky to get down and move such fellows (I know, that's why you have Alex and company).

What sort of "range" and movement modifications have you thought of?

In fact, what rules are you planning on using?

-- Jeff

rpardo said...

If you want reallistic pictures, you may built your roads with dark sand or soil....
However the figures look terrific!

Steve said...

..well we wouldn't be able to do it here at the moment - it's been lashing down with rain in my part of the UK for about a week now!

..I'm guessing the benefit is going to be the size of playing area, but my concern would be for my knee's and the danger of losing bits and pieces... ;o)

MurdocK said...

Yes the scale is rather small, I admit, but then I cannot yet afford the larger minis - nor do I have the time to paint them!

Green figs is not a worry in this case as the combattants are French (blue) and British (red!).

Lost bits is a concern and the habit of 'tipping over casualties and leaving them where they lie' will not be done in this case...with that action the chance of stepping on figs is too high. In the end though lost parts is less of a panic for me since these are all my own castings (from Prince August moulds), therefore I can 'replace' the lost parts rather simply.

I had thought to use playsand for the roads...I may have to try a section of it to see how it looks, the problem is I want the yard back after the game and I do not want to have to do a lot of extra cleanup. Hence the desire to use bits that are cheap and will not damage the grass...much.

My rules plans...perhaps they need another post.

Fitz-Badger said...

You know, I could really see a Colonial battle with hordes of Zulus in that "terrain". :-)

MurdocK said...

Hopefully you have the figs to do that game!

The tabletop Zulu games I have seen always seem to be centered around a double dozen or so redcoats and five dozen zulus that are 'recycled' back onto the table three or four times!

ColCampbell50 said...

With the sand, just rake it into the grass after the battle is over. After the next rain, you'll never notice it.