Friday, June 27, 2008

Significant Video

About two years ago I wrote elsewhere that it was the interpreters in Afghanistan who held the real combat action power as it would be up to the interpreters to be the most essential link between the military force and the ordinary people.

This video clip by Guardian Flims, from The Real News is the most significant piece of film documenting what is really happening on the ground there.

When you watch this clip, think of what the village elder is really saying with is allegorical story, then understand that the translator DID NOT TELL ANY OF THE ELDER'S STORY! The sergeant is angry with the old man because of what he thinks the man said, yet the translator was the power broker in the entire exchange and this most essential trust is totally broken.

In my mind the translator is lying, and if the sergeant knew this I think he might just break the translators nose, if not something more drastic and permanent.

If anyone seeing and reading this knows anyone of the troops in that clip from 'charlie company' then please forward all of this to them! Please, for the sake of everyone involved, the old man and his village, the military troops, the rest of the populace here in Canada, North America, Australia and the world, since this is a monstrous criminal mistake that is going on in the 'name' of us all through NATO and the UN.

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