Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A battle - at Wollmitz -

Ordered to be VILE and somewhat aggressive at a recent tabletop battle, I was first distracted by a collapse of my storage/transport system.

A bottom drawer struck a stool that one of my children had inadvertently placed in my path. The drawer on the bottom of the storage unit then promptly let go and fell to the floor, tumbling along the way. It was filled with the light cavalry.

(sorry no pictures...I had already packed the camera in the van for the trip to Jeff's and was not really in the mind to capture this horrid sight)

They were all separated from their bases, no surprise as they are only magnetically attached. The annoying part was that many were now also broken from their mounts and would need repairs. My departure was delayed while I collected them carefully from the floor, the went to find the last of my cyanoacrilate.

Upon arrival at Jeff's I was unable to share in the chit chat as I was too busy re-assembling all of the light cavalry for Stagonia. To my relief there was only one saber permanently broken(lost) and only a few paint chips on an elbow or two. No horses were actually broken off at the ankles, only one was 'bent' and I was able to slowly bend it back into proper position.

Needless to say that these developments did not bode well for the coming battle...in fact they perfectly foreshadowed the final results.

During the 'dicing' for arrivals I lost one of the precious cannon that were few and far between. This after getting the 'extra' roll. Had that 'extra' failed I think my battle plan would have amounted to 'stand in two tight lines and wait around the gun'. IF all the guns had not arrived, I think the defeat was pre-ordained.

As it was I was supposed to be VILE, so in VILE fashion I attempted to cover the entire field, probably the worst plan of action, as there would be exactly 0 reserves. But then this was supposed to be a VILE action, right?

In fine VILE form the first real artillery barrage from the Saxe-Bearstiener's was driected at half of the Stagonian artillery...BOOM...in one moment the entire battery was obliterated, sigh.

After a long look at the battlefield, I decided that the only hope was to bottle-in some maneuvering infantry at the center of the Saxe-Bearstein line.

I shall let Maxwell Smart say it as he does so well...missed it by that much.

The light cavalry had a chance, slim I agree but a chance none the less, to make it into the town before the Saxe-Bearstein infantry could get into formation. Sadly the cavalry commander chose to 'wait' a turn to understand his orders before charging at (sort of) full speed...straight into a death trap.

Pretty VILE stuff...don't you think?

(oh yeah and here's some more tabletop eye candy for your minis' enjoyment)


Bluebear Jeff said...

A few notes:

The Alexander Keith's figures were sculpted (as well as painted and run) by Ross Macfarlane.

The oddly shaped "bent" line of troops in the fifth photo is the result of movement in a "brigade line" . . . which can turn out to be considerably less than straight.

Finally I must admit that Murdock is a gracious loser . . . of course IF he had committed my command to lead the attack things might well have been different (although probably not) . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

Thanks for the write Murdock, excellent stuff. Figures look great.

Not sure about the 1:1 scale figures though. Pelisses always were a tihght fit!! :0))

MurdocK said...

No problem Jeff, you go 'point' next time!

Yes stuffing those mushy 'bendy' figures into the uniforms is tough Grimsby!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hey Murdock,

Great photos and battle description! Looks like a fun time was had by all. The communal hussar uniform was a special touch too.

Best Regards,


Andy Mitchell said...

So, another cavalry death ride, just as there was in the original game from the book. What is it about Grant's Mollwitz that prompts cavalry commanders to do this?

One can almost imagine the Graf von Grunt laughing raucously as he calls for another glass of spirits in the Elector's Head.

MurdocK said...

The need arises from the very limited artillery that the one side with the greater cavalry force has.

The only other option is to *wait*, hoping that a hole appears in the advancing infantry line.

The problem with waiting is the other side has wayyy more guns, you end up dead in a hurry.

Add to what happened in this game and 1 gun goes missing before minis hit the table and in the 3rd turn (basically the first salvo) half of the remaining artillery is wrecked...well only one tool left.


The 'communal' uniform was made for me for a wedding and I have made some more fun from it since then.

Steve said...

...started off badly and went from worse to worse - thank goodness for the good company... :o))

tidders said...

Looks like that was a good game; like the pics etc.

Beter luck next time if you are the Stagonian commander.

-- Allan