Monday, June 09, 2008

Austrians move closer to completion and some redcoats

The Austrian formations are nearly done, the infantry got thier gloss coat of polyshade last night after I took some pictures, then got dinner.

Painting progress was halted due to a sick child needing to be held while mommy was out.

Once she got back I was able to fire-up the brushes again and finish all the infantry before dinner.

I was also able to get the first red layer on all the current batch of British Infantry.

Coming this week (during those rare moments) I may be able to finish the Hussars and get more done on the British. At the very least this week I plan to finish the cleaning of all flashing from all the remaining Brits so that in the coming month I can simply get them onto painting sticks and ramp-up production to a fever pitch...only two months to go before the VIMEIRO games.


rpardo said...

Hi... I expect you child (boy or girl?) was now well

MurdocK said...

Hello Rafa,

Yes they both are better now, both my young boys (2 and 4 - soon 5) had some sort of short term fever, that left them 'clingy' and needing parental contact.

Since they are both rather large now it meant that painting was not possible.

Steve said...

Murdock - endlessly impressed with your output.... what's your tip for getting the edging on those saddle cloths so neat?

MurdocK said...

Hmm, edging?

Well the horses were done with the method first pointed out to me by Jeff:

Speed Painting Horses

This method leaves the shabraque (saddle cloth) with a very dark outline already. These models from have a good separation of the cloth from the horse so all I needed to do was to make sure my paint was not too runny.

I mix my own colours so this makes it difficult for me to say use X brand since every time I work I am making a new mix. I tend to work with the paint a bit thicker at times and the 'edging' places is one of the times I like to use the thicker paint.