Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good words.

A kudos has been posted elsewhere, but bears repeating:

"I don't want to start a stampede of gamers to Vancouver Island, but I'm just back from a whirlwind tour to the west coast and a marvelous OS game day hosted by Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein fame and want to publicly thank Jeff, Murdock and Pete for their hospitality and for their generous, relaxed, welcoming attitude and their patience as my friend Tom & I stumbled through the rules. (incidently, I trusted that if the rules were sound then I could just base my plan on what knowledge I have of the 18th C (drawing heavily on Minden for inspiration) then the details of the rules wouldn't matter and indeed the rules proved very sound as well as fun). Jeff has an illustrated account on his blog site http://saxe-bearstein.blogspot.com/

Oh and Jeff, I apologise for my gunners getting a little over entusiastic at the end of the day and shooting one of your men when they had sat so harmlessly all day staring at my brigade of raw troops being trained in manouevres on the hillside. Perhaps if I had stationed Keith's Regiment well to the rear your men may not have been so intimidated?

One couldn't ask for finer bunch of fellows to meet across a table.

-Ross Mac"

It was great to have such a thoughtful and well-informed opponent along with a 'newbie' to the tabletop.


Fitz-Badger said...

You guys keep this up and you're going to have another southern Californian wanting to move up to the Pacific NW! ;-)

Condolences on the mishap with the minis! Sounds like the game made up for it in fun and excitement and company at least (even if it did end in defeat for some).

MurdocK said...

Come for a week, come for a day!

I'll wager you'll want to stay!