Friday, June 06, 2008

Organizing for du VILE

Stagonia has a battle coming next weekend and I found myself with some outdoor demand time, which I took to organize the Stagonian forces needed for the coming Battle of Wollmitz.

(if you look at the foreground you can see the effects of leaving a 2 year old with a young sitter for too long during a trip away with their mother...sigh...more repairs)

I have been tagged to command the Stagonian forces and asked by Jeff to organize them in advance of the game.

So here are the coming forces of Stagonia!

General Baron Gaspar du Vile -- (Political, inertia 2, initiative 3 -- 12" command radius -- 2 AdC)
Maj. Gen. Rene de Villars -- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 1 -- 11" command radius -- 1 AdC)

Brig. Yves d'Amours -- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 2 -- 9" mounted command; 5" if foot)
Brig. Lothar Oppenkopf -- (Careful, inertia 1, initiative 1 -- 10" mounted command; 6" if foot)
Brig. Heinrich von Kroll -- (Steady, inertia 2, initiative 2 -- 14" mounted command; 9" if foot)
Brig. Graf Adolf von Voss -- (Political, inertia 2, initiative 1 -- 11" mounted command; 6" if foot)

In addition the following troops have been assigned to General du Vile to fill out the various commands as he sees fit (along with their rating in brackets):

IR von Hirschbock (elite)
IR du Breiz (veteran)
IR du Lepps (veteran)
IR O'Duffy (veteran)
IR von Gruber (raw)
IR von Krinkle (raw)
IR St. Cyr (veteran)

du Coiffard Kuirassiers (elite)
von Waganer Kuirassiers (veteran)
Benzler Dragoons (elite)
Pfeiffer Draggons (raw)
Jailler Hussars (veteran)
Hockdorf Hussars (raw)

Furthermore, Koenig Maurice has assigned some artillery batteries to the Wollmitz force. These are all crewed by veteran gunners:

2 x Medium Gun Batteries of 6 pounders
1 x Light Gun Battery of 3 pounders


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, but what brigadiers will be under which general's command?

And what units will be assigned to which brigades?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Well Jeff as you know I like to use the magnetic tags, so that means I can choose to mix'n'match at the location.

I am still looking into those details when there is time...something I only get a bit of on sundays right now.

All will be sorted in time for the game I think though.

tidders said...

Looks like those vile stagonians are ready for a fight.

nice selection of minis


MurdocK said...

Thanks Allan

I plan to 'make a good show' at least in defence of the VILE realms of Stagonia...