Saturday, January 09, 2016

Waterloo Campaigning - map thoughts

Color Map, from Napoleon game - with hex grid

Map of Belgium and borders in black and white
I am seeking to start a Hundred Days Campaign and looking to get some feedback on best map vision.

Keep in mind that the 'pieces' moving on the board will be military symbols in color like these:

French Cavalry Brigade
Prussian Infantry Division
Napoleon Bonaparte
I like the idea of the color map, yet the ground is not as fully covered.
The black and white map is easier to read with all the markers on it.


Ed said...

Have you given a thought to use Sam Mustafa's maps from his Hundred Days download?


James Fisher, FINS said...

The black and white, with a bit of blue worked well in the Campaign of Nations. More important to know what is going on than to have 'eye-candy'!

MurdocK said...

Ed, I had not seen this.

The maps are a square grid format, possibly good for quick re-format to tabletop games, yet not what I am looking for in the campaign game.