Saturday, January 02, 2016

The Sword and the Flame - Colonial battle

Bluebear Jeff hosted a Sword and the Flame game in connection with his ongoing 'Afristan' Campaign.

This time I was to command my own colonial force.

Rob had the duty to come at me with some 'whirling Dervishes' and a camel riding surprise.

Capt. David McMurdock

21st MNI -- Madras Pioneers

The column entered the Alghaz region with scouts well to the van ... this came as a surprise to the Dervishes

Eventually the Gordon Highlanders were able to take control of a mesa region, using the rough ground as cover while getting a good view of the possible lanes of advance of the Dervish tribesmen.

a mob of swordsmen charged across a rough field, nearly all stayed in the charge, they were shot apart in their advnace

while to the left flank another mob of swordsmen were spotted, they chose not to advance and faced the 21st firing at them

in the end the Gordon Highlanders dispatched the mob of swordsmen, then resumed their position in the line, the 21st advance scout was pulled back from the rough ground

a reverse-view of the column, Capt McMurdock cantered to the rear so as to view the action and give direction correctly

the blue mob of swordsmen advanced on the 21st, who gave as good as they got and sent the mob off the field with dozens of dead and wounded

overview of the position - highlanders to the left, 21st in the center, 58th Rutlandshire to the right

the Gordon Highlanders massed rifles to put down the Dervish who had popped up in range

more of the 21st were the targets of the Dervish shooters

once the shooters were put down, Ghuka riflemen advance to cut off any more

overview of the situation, no more camels to the left, Dervish shooters were screaming in agony in a sand pit on the far left, to the right van was another group of Dervish shooters, who appeared to be better led (possibly the Mullah was with them?), they decided to retire once it was clear that no Dervish were going to outflank the massed Empire forces.

While the action was a success, there were many dead and all the mules were loaded with wounded.
Clearly Capt McMurdok was going to retire on his command base in Kyro on the Vile River.

Resupply and rest were needed along with replacements.  There had been a report of cavalry; since the tribesmen were starting to use horse, clearly it was time to have an appropriate response.

Did Londra send the artillery also?

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