Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Campaign of Hundred Days, recruiting

With the gamebox for Cyberboard firming up in my mind the time has come to again seek those stalwart players of Napoleonic battles who wish to take part in a play-by-email campaign game.  This time the Campaign of the Hundred Days, or what most refer to as the Waterloo Campaign.

As with the Campaign of Nations game that I ran in 2012-15, the overall plan will be to have a 'sample run' for the new players to get a feel for what a turn or two will be like, then go straight on into the action.

Also similar to last time, the plan is to have at least 3 active 'commanders' for the field armies supreme command, Wellington, Blucher and Napoleon; who need not be the tabletop commanders (though really each would like to take on one another I am sure).  While also needed will be many tabletops for running the games, especially the smaller more 'skirmish' level actions at the start of the campaign.  These game players need not have any particular 'stake' in the campaign, leaving them free to 'play out' the battles with their miniatures on their own tabletop(s).

In essence I am seeking both the senior command and these 'proxy battle hosts'.

If you have a keen desire to take a command position, like Bonaparte, Ney or Grouchy for the French, Blucher, Pirch or Zeithen for the Prussians or Wellington, William of Orange or Uxbridge for the Anglo-Dutch then you do not need to have any miniatures at all - indeed the "Blucher" player in our last campaign owns no miniatures at all.

If you have no desire to command, yet would like to share your miniature collection and have 1815 era battle situations established for your game group to play out (or solo play) then please do come forward and let me know what you can support on your tabletop!

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MurdocK said...

Stuart, Dave and James thank you for the notes indicating your interest in the campaign game.

Any other takers?