Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hundred Days Campaign more mapping samples

I have been busy with replacing the missing data that got wiped out in early December.

Part of that data was a set of pieces and parts put into cyberboard for a Hundred Days Campaign.

This has put me behind where I had hoped to be in the Campaign process at this point.

I had posted about the maps yesterday, now that I have been able to rebuild the pieces sets I want to share them and get feed back.

Again the question is which would work better?

the black and white map with pieces sample

the color map with pieces sample

The strength of the black and white map is that I can cover a larger area of the Belgium frontier and permit players to better simulate the conditions of 1815.  Whereas the color map has been better researched and contains more specific detail to assist in battlefield preparations.

What are your thoughts, please comment?


Chris Gregg said...

Coloured maps every time, in my opinion. good luck

MurdocK said...

Thank you Chris, say with your 1:3 scale set of troops, would you have interest in doing any of the skirmish encounters?