Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Edgehill Forces "For God, King and Country": Parliament

Bluebear Jeff and I are  planning an Edgehill game, using the "For God, King and Country" rules by Canadian Wargamers Group.

In anticipation of the game Jeff has posted some photos of his forces.

The Parliamentary Army, never one to miss out on some good propaganda, have paraded their forces also:

The Lord General Essex and his "Wing" Commanders, Ramsay, Ballard & Meldrum

The Left Wing: Ramsay with Cavalry, Dragoons and three Culverin

Ballard and his Brigade Commanders, Essex, Ballard, Meldrum, Holles & Fairfax

Three Regiments under Essex

Three Regiments under Ballard

Three Regiments under Meldrum

Two Regiments under Holles

Two Regiments under Fairfax

The Right Wing under Meldrum

Cavalry Reserve held by Lord General Essex
Come this Saturday, May 16, we shall 'have at' the battle of Edgehill.

To support the battle I have re-done the 15mm scale quick reference sheet (from the rulebook) into this 25mm or 1-inch scale version for our larger troops.

Look for an After Action Report here or with Jeff's blog.


David Cooke said...

Colourful armies can't wait to see them on the table

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

The lads are looking good. I hope you and Jeff have a great game day.

Better keep an eye on the right wing unit of shot in Meldrum's brigade though, I'm think the King's agents might have been tampering with their allegiance to Parliament!

tidders said...

Nice looking army

Phil said...

Splendid army, love the colors...

James Fisher said...

They look great David.
I have said it previously, but I just love those large flags!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Very fine work. I, too, look forward to seeing this army I battle against Jeff's.