Saturday, May 16, 2015

Edgehill - For God, King and Country - playtest one

Bluebear Jeff had his full tabletop setup on arrival for Edgehill.

The Royalist Army had been deployed and  all I needed to do was to get out the Parliament army and deploy appropriately.

King Charles I upon the hill, flanked by commanded shot with the "Gentlemen Pensioners" to his front
Jeff and the tabletop I was greeted with, always a pleasure to game in Jeff's space

Great detail with Prince Rupert and Boye!
 Taking some time to set out my rulebook, notes and then deploy the Parliament army.

the two lines survey each other

Essex gets a sense that there are far more Royalist cavalry than he had feared

Parliament's left, with Culverins to the fore ...

Parliament's center, seen from the far right

Royalist left wing horse, with dragoons in the hedges ...

This post will have to serve as a teaser to start of the positions of the two armies and the beginning of the battle.  The battle proper shall be chronicled over the next few posts.


tradgardmastare said...

Great looking game .Can you tell us more of the rules?

Phil said...

Impressive and beautiful armies...and these flags are fantastic!