Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Edgehill - For God, King and Country - playtest one part III

By the 6th Turn, Prince Rupert had been killed in close combat!

view from behind the Royalist left

The firing continued between the lines of Pike and Shotte

the Parliament forces labels
With Turn Seven, yet again the Prince Rupert (now replacement commander) had attached to a cavalry force to bolster its morale, I think my eldest son wanted to stop the horse from running off the field, and yet again the Prince Rupert was killed in close combat!

field at the end of turn seven

earlier in the turn, when Prince Rupert had only been killed once

closer view ... my son said that in the end the dog was in command

the shotte battle continues

Royalist casualties started to mount up

Parliament casualties in the center were lighter than the Royalists ...

the number of minis remained the same ... yet the firepower was dropping

a set of clear plastic chips that Jeff had for marker use have a metal ring around them, making them magnetic and therefore they could be 'stuck' onto my magnetic system bases

closeup of the wonderful painting of Jeff's Royalist forces

flash on (top), flash off (bottom) of the Parliament Dragoons on the left

Royalist Dragoons facing the Parliament ones (at top of photo are the score dice and turn marker - big d20)

Royalist second line are re-deploying

piles of muskets and a cannon wheel are marking the hits to pikes on this Royalist unit ... only 60% (from 120% to start) remains of the morale for this unit with the white flag ...

Essex's center was taking less hits

wider view of the Parliament left of center, now with the second line forming up ...

Prince Rupert, now killed a second time ...

disorder starts to spread in the Royalists ranks (marker on the left of photo)

Parliament Dragoons in the hedges on the left

Royalist Dragoons facing them

view down the battlefield from the Dragoons viewpoint

loads of smoke mark the active shotte fire

view down the line from the other flank

closer view of the Royalist forces painting

Parliamentary commander with a view of our erstwhile host

later in the turn Parliament Pike & Shotte were taking more hits

closer view of a Parliament unit painting

a custom flag (the green one) that I made for this Parliamentary unit, I call them "The Shepherds"
We ran out of time on the first day, as my eldest son and I had other requirements to meet.

Jeff and I have agreed to continue the battle this coming Wednesday evening; I shall continue the After Action Report later this week.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Great looking battle. Boy, you guys are hard on commanders!

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

"Stay down Rupert! Stay down!"

Both armies look good!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Unfortunately I was not feeling well and so had to postpone continuing our game.

Thus we will all have to wait a bit longer before finding out if Charles can win without Rupert.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

I had always liked the look of a colorful table, loaded with flags and horse, foot and guns.

With Napoleonic battles I could get that, with the variety of uniforms and some of the colors that were used in that period.

With ECW, that colorful look comes in spades. Add to that the flags, which were mostly of a conjectural sort since the historical ones are all gone with little or no record remaining ... leaves all sorts of possibilities for very colorful tabletop filled with troops.