Sunday, May 17, 2015

Edgehill - For God, King and Country - playtest one part II

The stage was set and now forces went into motion.

Being less than an efficient general, King Charles first action card was a "1", at least the Prince managed to make his command roll and so was also able to move, unlike the Royalist Left Wing, which failed the roll and was left standing for the turn.

early moves in the battle were all dominated by Prince Rupert

Ruperts Dragoons, still mounted make ready to dismount and hold Parliament Dragoons in stalemate

Parliament guns make a great sound, achieving little

rolling forward the Royalist horse prepared to make a mess of the Parliament Left Wing

Though some pictures were taken, sadly they were mostly of the field at a distance (not much different) or with a shaky freehand and no flash (thus blurry)

By Turn 4 the situation on the Royalist Right Wing under Rupert had crystallized.

Most of the Royalist horse had smashed straight thorough the Parliament units opposite them and then run off the field in a mad rush after the baggage train of Parliament.  Though this gained a victory point for the King's Army, it did leave most of the horse gone from the Right Wing.

the field at the start of turn 4 - Royalists are on the top right side of the image

Royalist horse charging on past the Parliamentary Culverins

Culverins make a mess of some Royalist horse

by turn 4 the Parliament and Royalist armies had commenced firelock duel

of on the Royalist Left, most of the horse was still holding back

while the Parliament horse on the Right had ridden forward to "Carracole" fire into some Pike & Shotte

the carracole fire was effective

Royalist line pours out the fire from the shotte

the long lines as seen from the Royalist Right flank

Royalist cannon was mostly out of range and largely inneffective

While the troopers of Lord Byron were held back in reserve by the King behind the wild charge of Prince Rupert ...
Stay tuned for the exciting clash of arms from the remains of Rupert's charge in the next installment of the AAR from our first playtest of "For God, King and Country" by Canadian Wargames Group.


Bluebear Jeff said...

While I dislike correcting you, sir, that final photo is not of the Lifeguard (which had appeared in action in an earlier photo) . . . instead it shows Byron's troops, which (as of turn 7) are still being held in reserve.

(And yes, continuing the battle on the 20th as you suggested will be fine with me.)

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Lord Byron it is then.

See you Wednesday.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice setup, like the piccies

The royalist horse true to form - off to the baggage.