Monday, February 23, 2015

Boys Game Weekend

Axis & Allies an old favorite
This past weekend I engaged in games of choice with my three sons.

Saturday started off with a good early republic round of Republic of Rome, just a two-player as only my eldest wanted to play the game.  End result was mob violence in Rome and all players loose ... go figure.

Sunday was a more active day, starting off with an other ancients game with Conquest of the Empire, this time with three of us playing.  My eldest vs my youngest, there were some 'taking it personally' moments, then we ended well with my eldest claiming a victory, the first tin some time.

Republic of Rome - impossible task ... win the 2nd Punic War with straw men

Conquest of the Empire ... deep into the cash
That left my middle son with a choice of game, he likes computer games, or fun outside.  I also knew that he liked to use the pellet rifle that I have, unknown to all three was that a second pellet rifle has been gifted for their use to practice, before we go out to a real range.  This way they are all trained in safety and have some experience with using a sort of 'firearm'.

We went out into the February sunshine, into the woods nearby and found some stumps to set up milk cartons on and put out some little lead pellets into them.

some time in the sun

still learning how to hold the weapon and needing a close steady hand watching him

my 'action man' hitting target almost every time now
We returned from the woods with hole filled milk cartons, got some dinner and wrapped up the evening with a couple of Axis & Allies games, including one that almost went exactly as the WW II timeline, the moment seen here was where a sneak attack from Africa was possible because German forces in south Europe had been denuded to counter a Russian success in east Europe.

Good fun for everyone in the end they were all happy with the game(s) that they got to take part in.

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Corporal_Trim said...

Good old Conquest of the Empire, I have fond memories of playing the first version with my wife and kids.

Good to see it show up in your post.