Sunday, February 15, 2015

A look back at 100 Days Campiagning Nr. 3

In 2003 I had three more players ready to take a shot at the play-by-email game that I had assembled.

 I combined the artillery symbol with a picture to help new players deal with the different troop types
 The game pieces had been developed based on modern troop symbols, the basic colors of the nation-states and some cap-badges or flags that I had found online.

 so Infantry got the classic "X" in a box

 Cavalry became the diagonal divided rectangle
 the shape of the pieces also mirrored the shape of the bases on the tabletop, so this irregular infantry unit has a larger 'footprint' on the table than the line infantry does

 This time around I also put in more of the commanders as graphic depictions.

 The Dutch units were also separately represented
 allowing for some creativity in the depictions

 With the French units there were many more variations of commanders

 And of troop types, even with the Artillery, the Guard has separate billing

 Again the base sizes helped to identify unit types, in this case an irregular infantry unit

 Bonaparte of course has to have his own special designation, as the guard elites were with him at all times.

 Then the Prussians, again treated with the different badges and colors generally depicting the troop types

 I had some fun with the flags I used in these logos, by using a 'flapping' application I found online I turned otherwise plain rectangles into the flying flag appearance seen on these game pieces

 Stuck for something to make the light cavalry units stand out, I chose the colpack busby with plume.

The game featured a very forward deployment of the Anglo-Allied forces:

game 2 deployment
The Anglo-Dutch plan was to be aggressive against the French on the flank.

This merely helped the French to hammer the Prussians, which was the plan - along with the classic strategy of central position,which the French won at Charleroi.

16h00 June 18 at Charleroi
The Allies continued the game, though only with the scant hope of holding off the French until time-out ...

Then once the French had occupied Brussels the only hope was to force Bonaparte out ...

Brussels from French lines 10h00

Brussels from French lines 12h00

Brussels from French lines 14h00

Brussels from French lines 16h00

Brussels from French lines 19h00
I also used The Arcadian Guild Webpages to help publicize the game in progress and to show off the actions up to date I had a smaller webmap developed:

Final Webmap at end of Campaign Game #2
Now I have shared some of the tools I used in the managing of these games; up next, the order of battle and game number three.

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