Friday, February 20, 2015

A look back at 100 Days Campiagning Nr. 5

Flapping Guard Flag
With the fourth attempt at running the campaign we decided to allow for the possibility of destroying bridges, though they could not be destroyed in the face of the enemy and one of the army artillery units must spend the whole day at the action, no moving in or out for the day of 'destroying' the bridge.

To give the reader here a different perspective on what the players had for information I give the starting French information map and the choice for French deployment in game 4.

what the French player had for information of Allied troop concentrations

French deployment at game start
This time round the French player hammered away at the 'great road' to Brussels and almost ignored the Prussians, while the Prussian player was busy blowing up the bridges ... they were left behind the action to support the Anglo-Dutch in actions at Charleroi and Waterloo.



The map plan for Waterloo
Then finally the Anglo-Dutch had to face down a large French army in Brussels itself!

While the Anglo-Dutch did manage to push out the French the first time, there were more than enough French to make a second battle in Brussels ... this time the Prussians were able to come to help!

Strategic situation
Tactical battle map
battlefield overhead view
By comparing the tactical map and overhead view you can see the 4 square map tiles that I used to make the game 'map', plus the troops.  I, as the game master, was the only one to get to see the 'helicopter' view of the field.  The players would have to make do with the 'field view' from the general eye level of their commander.

British at 10h00

French at 10h00

Prussian at 10h00
overhead MAP view at 10h00 - GM only saw this
The battle progressed with all sides in furious conflict.

British at 14h00

I used and extra 3/4 overhead view to promote the game on the Arcadian Guild website

French view at 14h00
Prussian view at 14h00

the Prussian player made direct use of the photos to make his orders

overhead MAP view at 14h00 - GM only saw this
16h00 British

16h00 French

16h00 Prussian
field MAP view 16h00 - GM only
The use of 'puffs' to identify units lost helped to clarify unit losses AND had the added bonus of increasing 'fog of war' in making the area more difficult to see past.

The Allies managed to win in Brussels again, though the Anglo-Dutch were forced to leave the field after losing too many supplies ... Blucher was triumphant!

game end map used in promotion of the game on Arcadian Guild website


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