Monday, July 07, 2014

Pulp Action

Encounter at El-Birbir.

Some fun with Jeff and his multifarious minis.

Pulp Action rules with some flair using sentries as 'mobile' perils...

Capo's Gangsters which I ran

The Dark Fire name for a bunch of red shirts, organized by Peter

Winchesters, Jeff's crew

The red shirts ran into trouble with perils, though they did have two of the items at one point

perils everywhere (the white dressed guys in fezzes) and the red shirts still could not hit them ...

Peter taking a turn at the storytelling microphone, all our skills need honing in that area

lucky discovery, stop a good shooter with a pugilist

Jeff has many other shots of the action on his blog

in the end it was a cool storytelling moment when the Dark fire #1 and Capo's leader met within inches of the final objective.  In the end the red shirt dropped his item leaving only the Capo's with anything of value.


Bluebear Jeff said...

By the way, the fort and all of the houses were scratch-built of foamcore, cardstock and plaster.

-- Jeff

Ross Mac said...

Excellent, looks like fun and even better to hear of all 3 of you playing a game.