Saturday, June 28, 2014

English Civil War Horse Progress IV AND Royalist foote sneak peek

The second layers of colour are on all the horse now.

animal colors are all done
The shabraques and some rider details are all that remain, then gloss coating and flocking.

I went over to Jeff's the other day and did some detail painting support for him so that the Royalist forces would be completed around the same time as my Parliament ones are.

Here are some sneak peeks at the Royalist drill ongoing ...

a red coat Royalist foote unit, that I did some stockings and belts for

the great mass remaining that is still going to need detail works
If all things go as planned, Jeff and I ought to have troops on the tabletop in the late Autumn or Winter, just as the weather turns nasty.


Ross Mac said...

Aising and abetting the enemy? Well done. Its good to have friends to lend a handwhen needed.

MurdocK said...

These first Civil Warre battels shall be most gentlemanly I forsee.