Sunday, July 13, 2014

SCRUD Cossack skirmish

The Campaign of Nations called for a skirmish series to determine which side would win out in the on-going patrolling battle in the no-mans-land between the two contesting armies in Brandenberg.

I settled on using SCRUD for this contest as my tabletop area is still finishing renovations (new flooring!) and would take some time to set up the table, plus I had no opponent for the day as he was having to do family stuff.

The first two battles went pretty simply, first for the French, the second for the Russians.  Both of them were more or less attrition battles.

The rubber match, was a different story.

In round 1 the French lost one die, similar to the first game they won.

Round 2 was a draw, almost equal dice rolls across the board.

In round 3 the dice fell like this:

the Russian dice are in the 'oval' at the lower center of the image
Not so much an attrition battle this time, as the French almost wiped the Russians out in one roll!

The next round, told the full tale:

Gone in two throws of the dice, the Cossacks just cannot seem to win the patrolling battle when it counts
So the Campaign of Nations resumes, with the French continuing to dominate the critical patrolling war.

On a different note, my middle son requested measuring sticks and dice to do some LEGO fun.

nope, no influence from the gamer dad at all ...

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