Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Garden Wars - ARMY MEN

Having gone away for a camp out trip with my family, on the way home we stopped at a toy store.  My youngest decided to spend his fun money on a bucket of tan and green soldiers that had some vehicles in it also.

He was most pleased with his purchase and has been seen around the house playing games with them.

On Tuesday night he suddenly declared, "Hey Dad I can do Garden Wars with these men!  Will you play with me tomorrow?"

How could I resist?

My only request was that he count the men and mark on the troops what number they were so that we could make sure not to loose any in the tall grass ... known as forest in the game.

The real win came later, when my young son decided to write out some rules ... this is the 'cover'

the beige troops were under my control, they have a jet

and a tan, along with 28 men, a mix of officers, radio men, grenadier, flamethrowers, riflemen and a metal-detector soldier

the green were under his control, they have helicopter, tank and similar men, with mortars instead of bazooka

here is the commander laying out his forces

action started (there were no rules written) so I just followed along with what was decided and tried to keep it all in my head.  I did show the boy all about men riding on the back of a tank.

then my jet went into action - not quite shooting down his helicopter after my bazookas had killed his tank

the not quite dead helicopter then killed my jet and went on to destroy my tank
Luck for the green helicopter was the tipping point as the GREEN TEAM won the day!


James Fisher, FINS said...

Great stuff by the budding (commander and wargamer). Especially like the 'in flight' photos.
I'd have thought that you'd have seen enough old westerns and war movies so as not to fall for the not yet quite dead trick, David!! (hehe)

MurdocK said...

Yes the 'making new rules on the fly' part of the young boy was fun to keep track of and then implement opposing tactics with as he made up new rules to overcome the old ones!

Like Calvinball with toy men.

Archduke Piccolo said...

It will be interesting to see how this project plays. The numbers and equipments would under my own Army Men 'system' (insofar it is a system) make quite a compact and handy 'company group.'