Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Prussians Finished

99 new 'late war' Prussians with three artillery batteries
Started in early December 2012, this force of 99 Prussians fills out my Prussian ranks in their 1813-15 uniforms.

Detail view of the same Prussians, still needing flags ...
Now I start on the replacement of the Austrian forces, in time for the battles likely to happen in 2013, with the Campaign of Nations looking to go into full action.

some of the 120 Austrians now ready to get mounted to sticks for painting


Archduke Piccolo said...

Quite a project going, all right. Looking forward to seeing in finished form my favorite Napoleonic army after the French; the Austrians. I'm a little curious about those green squares you put the guys on. From this distance they look like cuts from green coloured sandpaper, and it occurred to me that that was quite a neat idea - especially as you play outdoors from time to time. But maybe it's something else?

MurdocK said...

Thank you Archduke Piccolo.

I like the 'look' of the Austrian forces from a distance when they are 'in mass'. Unfortunately the white uniforms come with a practical problem for the real men ... keeping them clean and when the blood flows - it shows!

This first crew are in the helmets of 1800, then I will be doing a force in shakos.

The bases are 'grass mat' paper that I have cut to cover the sheet steel and neodymium magnets that I use for all my bases now.

Here are a couple of past posts I have done on the subject:




Archduke Piccolo said...

Thanks for the info. It certainly bears thinking about, as I now have hundreds of figures that really need some sort of group basing system that allows my preference for casualty removal.

I think you can get some sort of magnetic sheets, which might be of use...

Archduke Piccolo said...

Thanks for the info. Worth thinking about. My preference for individual figure basing has its downside, and this might provide the answer I need. An alternative might be magnetic sheet of some sort...

MurdocK said...

my experience of the magnet sheets is that they are simply not strong enough to hold on to a 25-28 mm figure. A single bump or jostle and minis are tipped over.

One option is to make a card 'cover' that is flocked for the troops in their positions, that way the circular openings are 'just' big enough for your minis bases, then have the bottoms lined with the cut out magnetic sheet.

I have seen some use the Warhammer plastic bases with a metal sheet on the bottom of them that sticks to the magnetic sheet.

It all seems like too much work to make the flat bases magnetic ... when all that is needed is sheet metal, fender washers and good quality neodymium magnets. Then any changes just need different sheet steel. You get to keep using the same minis, same magnets etc.