Thursday, January 17, 2013

Austrian Napoleonic Infantry - Work in progress 2

Working towards the brighter white in the Austrian Napoleonic uniform.

Austrian Napoleonic Uniform, illustrated by L & F Funcken
I like to use the wonderful artworks of Liliane and Fred Funcken for my inspiration while working on these painting projects.  While there may be some errors in the precise details of the illustrations, they are a fantastic source of inspiration, I am constantly finding new useful patterns for setting up my forces so that I may be able to specifically identify units troops after they have been 'killed off' and laid down on the table - so that I may be able to reconstitute the units before storage.  This is a challenge unique to my own method of gaming, however I have recently found this a great advantage as I am able to switch from a skirmish level battle (with single mini = 1 man) to a battalion level game like SHAKO, then to an army Corps game like Fast Play Grand Armee with only about 30 minutes of time used up in the 'transfer' of troops to the different sized base stands called for in each game system.

Austrian Napoleonic officers uniforms stand out with their brown coats
This lot will also feature the 'wrapped' flagpoles, they would be wrapped in black, white, red and yellow ribbons which I will be simulating with paints.

Jagers in their distinctive Corsican hat seen in the foreground
With this lot I am also doing a battalion strength of Jagers, in their gray uniforms with green facings.  Their Corsican hats make them stand out as different from the other Austrian infantry.

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