Saturday, December 29, 2012

Republic of Rome

A board game was requested by my eldest son.

He was sorely tested in the first game, which did not go his way.
Republic of Rome, a great way to game out a day.

In the second run (early in the game is the photo) we managed to get through the whole of the early republic and start the middle republic, when Alex decided to make a run at being a rebel - his army was soundly defeated - but that left my commanding general with  only needing one more influence point to win the game ...

Not his day for commanding Rome.


Anthony said...

It looks like an interesting board game.

Rafael Pardo said...

This is a good way to learn history!
Best regards

MurdocK said...

Anthony the game is most certainly interesting.

Rafa, I have learned much about the Roman world and the functioning of the 'human' aspect of power politics.

I fully understand now why people like Mitt Romney are put forward as a possible 'leader' candidate, while gamesmanship like messing with the Republican committee go on. I can also get the message when Larry Wilkerson (US Army Col., ret.) says things like 'the business interests in DC want an 'idiot' in the white-house'. The clarity of understanding why the least favorable candidate may be wanted, does make for a different perspective on the news of today and the analysis of the past.