Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game on a Map

In the play test in progress for the Campaign of Nations that I am doing in conjunction with 7 other tabletop and internet players, there is a call for a table layout, for a game potentially to be played using SHAKO.

As I am reasonably familiar with the game system I took a quick shot at doing a table layout that would provide some interesting potential.

A game on a map, 1813 River Crossing in force
Essentially this is a river crossing assault at 3:1 odds in manpower.  The difficulty is the quality of the troops doing the assault: Landwher.  While the Prussians of 1813 were very exuberant and willing to 'get at' the French oppressors ... their martial skills were no where near the same as their French, or in this case Polish, counterparts and the Prussian equipment was quite often obsolete, improvised, or almost non-existent (with pikes being used at times).  So the battle power is more like 2:1 at best.

While Jiminho has decided to set up the game, it would be fun if there were others who took a run at this scenario.


Rafael Pardo said...

It looks very interesting. Where can I find the OOB?

MurdocK said...

Well Rafam the basic OOB is on the map (the Napoleonic symbols). Here are the exact forces in detail (from the Campaign of Nations lists)

7th Light Cavalry Division: Général de division Sokolnicki
Troop Strength: 1434
> >
Polish Cavalry Brigade
19th Light Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Tolinski
1/,2/,3/,4/3rd Polish Uhlan Regiment
1/,2/,3/,4/13th Polish Hussar Regiment
> > Artillery:
> > 1 Polish Horse Battery (6pdrs)
> >
> >
> > Corps of the Oder: Generalmajor von Wobeser
Troop Strength: 9672
Infantry: Oberstleutnant von Plötz
1/1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (18/50/531)
2/1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (18/50/454)
3/1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (15/46/390)
4/1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (9/29/352)
1/2nd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (15/323/366)
2/2nd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (19/56/321)
3/2nd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment (19/53/346)
1/, 2/, 3/3rd West Prussian Landwehr Regiment
1st Silesian Landwehr Infantry Regiment (3)
Brigade: Oberst von Jeanneret
1st West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (4)
2nd West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (4)
3rd West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (4)
> > Artillery:
> > 6pdr Foot Battery #22 (3/9/131)
> >
> > *** ALSO ***
> >
> > Corps Artillery of 4th Corps, may fire in support of Corps of the Oder, this artillery MAY NOT CROSS THE SPREE RIVER
> >
4th Corps Reserve Artillery: Oberst von Strampf
Troop Strength: 154
1/2 6pdr Foot Battery Lt. von Schüler
1/2 8pdr Foot Battery Lt. von Prötel
English 6pdr Horse Battery Lt. von Matthias

Rafael Pardo said...