Friday, May 04, 2012

Black Works Stage 2-4

Continuing the Brunswick force, when last left off the base layer was still wet.
Now here are the same troops, all dry and ready for the blocking colors to go on.
I did the blocking colors on Sunday night, once they were on I took this photo.
Then life and work got busy, so no new work was done till Wednesday, when the inking was done. I was concerned, as I often am at this stage, that the inks had wiped out all my 'shading work'. The concern was all the more as I was thinking I did not 'water down' the indigo ink enough.
So with only the final metal details to go I took these series of shots of the variety of troops that I did. They are all using flash on, no gloss coating has been done yet, nor have the brass, silver or buttons been done at this point.
I particularly like the way the artillery battery commanders turned out. I shall be flocking the bases tonight, so a further set of pictures will come 'in situ' showing the whole force as it might appear on the games table.


tidders said...

coming along nicely

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

Thank you Allan!