Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black work Day 1

So I shall be doing a log of this black work, as there have been a few comments about black being difficult to work with.
To start, I have only basic materials to work with - my base coat is the cheapest gray I can find (the other option is white and I really do not like the effect that white base creates for military uniforms - great for fantasy with bright colors) and I use Golden Acrylics from tubes - mixing all my own colors, except for burnt umber (also Golden from tube) and Green. (this time I am using DecoArt crafters paint - Hunter Green) For some inspiration my eldest son walked in wearing black corduroy pants, so I quickly snapped a picture.
As you can see the pants have 'bright' gray highlights, with the black lower ... this is the trick in getting black to look right on minis. With this group I am doing one troop in brown/black undercoat (which will end up with a more weathered look) for the light infantry and a blue/black for the rest.
I did brown for the flesh undercoat and the muskets & packs, then a thick wash of the primary colors.
Overall a good start with base coating in the morning and painting in the evening.

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