Monday, May 28, 2012

Painting Progress

I have been away from the painting desk for any aggressive projects for a while.

This time I am back with a collection of Cavalry and Infantry, with some Gunners thrown in for good measure.

For this week I plan to make a significant start on 40 Cavalry and 24 Artillerymen.

Here is a shot of the bare metal:

Just a selection of the horses and riders for the coming week.


VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey there saw you post on Alte Fritze journal - Would be great to see progress photos on the cavalry especially the horses - i always have trouble painting horses myself

MurdocK said...

Hey VFW!

Yes I plan to detail things with some photos and comments about the progress of these horses.

I also had problems with the ponies until getting this system.

Thanks for following.