Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foil Flag

On another blog I read a series of comments about using foil for flags and pennants.

The commentary was about finding 'scrap' sources for essentially 'free' materials to do the flags with.

It was on my mind when I was working to repair an inner tube for my middle son's bicycle tire. 

The pneumatic tube repair patch was stuck to a foil section that was reasonably stiff (more than the tinfoil used in cooking) and after the tire patch was used was now essentially waste.  Therefore 'free'.

So my new lancers were going to make use of this material.


Rafael Pardo said...

Missed this tip! The mine are simple paper folded flags covered with white glue

MurdocK said...

Rafa, most of my flags are printed out on sticker sheets, cut out and folded over piano wire flag poles.

I can change the flags for most of them! (Not the French ones with the eagles topping the poles - but I only have three units like that)

The foil idea came from another blog (sorry I cannot recall it) and got me watching for scraps to work with.