Saturday, April 12, 2008

Working Spaces

Hobby time has continued to take hits from real life demands, however a glimmer of time has come about a couple of times this week.

First the weather was great for casting on Thursday so I got out the melter and moulds and did some multi-tasking. I was playing a game of "Conquest of the Empire" with my sons (yes sons! my 4-year old is becoming more interested...) and between my turns and helping the youngest with his actions I poured lead.

I do not have a count (I never count them when I am just pushing hard to produce lots) of how many British Infantry I cast from Prince August moulds, but the mound is a good 8" around and 5" high!

Second I was able to get a fellow gamer helping me to re-organize my office and painting spaces, more to do on that front yet but the parts that have been done will permit me to get in focus time on the painting. The next stage will be good for getting me into the 'production mode' needed for the large numbers of British I need to get finished in time for Vimeiro.


rpardo said...

Again nostalgia... I own an old Prince August mould depicting a british gun. I bought it 20 years ago but never used it: the guns are too big for my 1/72 men!

Bluebear Jeff said...


Resist the "dark side" . . . remember, if they don't have tricorns, you really don't need them . . .

*sigh* . . . you can't resist your Nappies, can you?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...


If the 'Nappies' are the dark side then label me a Darth now and just get it over with.

Sorry Rafa that the gun was too big...perhaps you can use the 'parts' like the wheels or barrels as 'wreckage' to denote disorder or movement limits?

I have done that with the extra cast-offs that are broken or too many for a particular run and I now have a great collection of 'markers' and 'tokens' that work well on the battlefield.

I seem to recall the original AH markers for 1/2 move were a 1/2 wagon wheel?

Bluebear Jeff said...


Consider it done.

-- Jeff "Tricorn" Hudelson