Saturday, April 05, 2008

(not so) blazing brushes

I have had a very busy March and rough start to April, taking away all available hobby time.

Wife has gone away for family needs and I have been doing daddy daycare 24/7.

This has really killed any painting time and planning for games, writing, etc, well if any of you have three boys then you will understand. If not then imagine only having about 20 mins a day to do anything you want, then have that taken away time and again by 'daddy!!!' then sounds of fighting and arguing.

The task of settling them (the three boys down) has been done and now I have had a bit of a breathing room.

I got another layer into the Austrian Infantry, and started the 'white underlayer' on the horses for some Hussars.

Other project are looming along with work oh yes and eating...

I shall be continuing here, just not as fast as once hoped.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Those boys are not wearing Tricorns, sir . . . I'm disappointed . . . *sigh*.

Murdock will at least get to game out a battle in his "civil war" in the Duchy of Mieczyslaw circa-1650.

We will be giving it a try this Sunday (April 6) using Clarence Harrison's ECW rules (which is essentially the same time period.

-- Jeff

Andy Mitchell said...

I suggest appropriate punishment details - like undercoating, varnishing, or basing your figures - when the occasion presents itself.

rpardo said...

And lead your children to wargaming.... :-)