Friday, April 18, 2008

Casting Complete

Yesterday I finished the count and have 21 British units of 16+ men each (I always want extras in case of 'damage' during the cleaning process) and some 'extras' for sale and as gifts (both of the younger sons are now jealous of their older brother -> getting a regiment for xmas has become all the rage!).

Now on to the cleaning, basing, painting process!

Oh yes I suppose I had better finish those Austrians I started last month too...then there is working...keeping my wife much to do!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

And June is coming on apace . . . before you know it Ross will be here and we'll need your "Tricorned" Austrians . . . particularly the mounted.

So forget those Nappy fellows. Raise your sons properly with SYW regiments.


-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

My goodness, that's an impressive output, Murdock!

MurdocK said...

Tricornes, hmm, well yes the revolutionary and early French wore those, but sadly they wore blue and, so far, the boys all want men in red wearing tall stovepipe (or Belgic) SHAKOS!.

Napoleonic it will have to be for now...

Actually Jeff, were Prince August to put out 25/28 mm moulds of tricorned troops I would likely have more of them, but I just do not have the storage room nor game space for the 40mm ones. Though I suppose they could be fun on the lawn or across a sport field or something...but that would mean rather a lot of 'bending down'?

Are you 'up' for that Jeff?

Once Ross comes out I will happily push some more tricorned soldiery! (though most of the cav is in mirltons, which look much like Shakos at a distance...)