Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bright and Shiny!

The entire British force for the Vimeiro game this year is completely cast.

I have assembled them into their fighting contingents and gotten the 'flat' sections bulk cleaned (so that they could stand on their own). The major flash cleaning is yet to come.

As a feature of this force there are is a 'regiment' of Highlanders from the 71st.
(getting a clean close-up picture of the bright metal is really hard)

While putting out the troops I thought that I had a different Prince August casting that had a fore-and-after hat on, I searched the moulds and LO! it was the French Guard Officer that has just such a pose. I shall have to cast a dozen or so of them, should only take one morning and I have plenty of cleaning to do before then.

At least there are no cavalry to do as the brits have only a small force:

Under the watchful eye of 'old nosey'.
I decided once I had laid out the brits to determine if I already had enough french and portuguese for the battle also.

I have enough prussians that I can substitute as the blue coated portuguese and plenty enough french cavalry and enough infantry so long as I use the 'greatcoats' that I made up over the past few years so that they could 'serve' as any nations troops (just by switching the flags). These troops have been in plenty of actions and look to get into more already!


Snickering Corpses said...

I can't remember which blog the tip came from, but I've had some success with putting a single ply of facial tissue over the flash while photographing. Subdues the flash slightly without reducing the light too much.

Steve said...

...I do like the look of all theose new figures.. brilliant...

..on the subject of flash - when I was at Salute last weekend I happened to notice that the professional photographers all seemed to have these little "shower cap" type covers on the flashes, made out of what looked like white handklerchiefs - guess for the same reason as the tissue mentioned above...