Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wagon Train

A table top teaser, from 1978 comes to life again!
Steve's Wargaming site holds many of these games, we will be doing Wagon Train.

This time with a new set of rules by Bluebear Jeff, Tricorne Wars.

So far the troop lists are ready and I have laid out the battlefield, for the examination of the players (and anyone interested).

Here we see the view from the fortifications looking west...hoping that the supplies can make it to the defenders in time.

Then the same field, from the view looking east towards those battlements.

Then a view of the much needed supplies (I managed to 'cobble' together enough materials to look like a supply train...or some such thing).

I have some surprises for the players and I will reveal all in my postings after the game.


Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks ready.

I have all of my "stand-in" forces ready. I'm using GNW Saxons and Russians (rebased and in some instances repainted) to substitute for my Saxe-Bearstein troops.

I discovered that I only have one Light Gun available for the Swedes. I think that I have more in a box somewhere . . . but I couldn't find it.

I don'e know when my troops will arrive (or where). Hopefully it won't just be a long stern chase.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Looks great! The supply column is cool too. Enjoy the game.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz