Monday, August 06, 2007

Cleaning, preparation, calendar, OOPS!

I was going to do some more work on the ships, then the calendar was checked and I remembered that I need one more army for the coming LATIVM CVP, DBA Tournament that I sponsor every 2 years.

The Italian Hill Tribes is the army that I needed to replace (as I give away a painted army to the tourney winner each time).

So the boats have to wait yet again.

I also decided to toss in a 15mm fantasy army that needed painting - much of the metal I have 'floating about' needs to get painted. Something that I had resolved this year was to paint more of the 'old metal' I have than I get of the 'new metal'.

So far I have definately done this.

The fantasy army is from the Warmaster line, a 10mm-12mm scale really, but the 'stick' of 6 men in a line is exactly 40mm wide, something called for in the DBA rules for 15mm figs. When I discovered this about the Warmaster stuff I started watching for sales of them. Then a store nearby (about 4 years ago) decided to get out of all their GW 'extra' lines, only keeping 40K. This put the minis on sale at 50%-80% off (by then end it as 80% and that was when I really loaded up with whole boxes of them and extra blisters of the 'uber cool' fantasy stuff). So here will be a wood elf army (I know that the halberdiers are actually empire, but so what? At this scale most players cannot tell which way they are supposed to be facing let alone what the minis are of...)!


Stagonian Jeff said...

Hmmmm, maybe we should talk . . . there are some holes in some of my Warmaster Armies . . . and I have some that I'll never finish. Perhaps we can work something out.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Certainly, there must be some *vile* plan in all of this?