Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fleets for sail next.

I have some 1/900 scale fighting ships of the line that I am going to start working on. The masts will all be removable and I am working on a way to make the rigging removable as well (so that battle damage is handled -on the model- rather than on paper). The magnets and fender washers will all take part in this action.

I am also working on a system to make the "Wooden Ships & Iron Men" system functional on the tabletop, again without needing extra tracking sheets, by using beads and posts I intend to make tabletop game pieces that take care of all the information tracking.

I also need to finish painting on the last of some fantasy (well fantasy'ish') medaeval characters so that the painting table spaces are cleared up before the end of summer and my very busy eBay season.




Stagonian Jeff said...

That means that Burtzenian forces will be limited to virtually nothing!

Prepare to see them treated vilely!

-- Koenig Maurice of Stagonia

MurdocK said...

Good, they are a good for nothing bunch of turncoats whom serve the vagueries of the imperial court and cannot be trusted with anything.

Vile away Stagonia, Vile away.