Sunday, August 05, 2007

FULL THRUST = Full Speed Painting!

I had scheduled a summer tabletop game of FULL THRUST so that my son and I could get better acquainted with the rules. Up until wednesday I did not have the ships ready. I now have 3 Omegas, 3 Novas, 3 Narn G'Quans, 3 Minbari frigates, 12 Whitestars, 12 Starfury fighters, 12 Minbari fighters, 9 Delta Pirate fighters, 4 cargo ships, 2 Imperial Shuttles adn 5 TIE fighters. All done in 2 days since I was away at a conference on saturday, leaving at 3 am and getting back at 2 am today (sunday).

Of course my son wanted another player to be in the game, sadly he could only be there long enough to get started, then had to go. This took my son down a notch, then we started another game, he learned that mom was going out to a show and wanted to do that more.

So I ended up finishing the game alone, so that I could at least sort out the rules for myself.

FULL THRUST is a great little set of rules once you get them sorted out. The realistic vector movement is a bit difficult if you have not used such a thing before.

The forces in the second battle were 2 Narn Crusiers (we were using the basic ships SSD's from the main rulebook) vs 3 Omega Destroyers and 2 Whitestars as Corvettes.

The Narns had a simple plan advance with vector 4 in direction 2, change nothing and pound all comers.

The Omegas were established as a leading formation, while the whitestars dashed far off to the left flank to hit the Narn Cruiser on the left first, hopefully taking less casualties from the combined firepower of the two Cruisers.

Things went well until the Narns got a lucky long range shot in and damaged one Omega, this reduce the firepower of the attack, the Whitestars then got close enough for #2 or 'B' batteries to fire, but not close enough to fire their own #1 or 'C' batteries, this caused one whitestar to be damaged without getting a shot back.

Finally the Omegas got round the back of the Narns, unfortunately another whitestar was blown to bits by then, and the damaged Omega had withdrawn from battle rather than risk another close encounter with the Narns.

The Narns lost one Cruiser to concentrated fire from the Omegas, then one Omega drifted too far and into the flank fire from the right side Narn, *POP* goes the Omega! Leaving the Narns the masters of the battlefield as the slightly damaged remaining Cruiser was going to get a 'free shot' at the last Omega as it drifted past the Narn into forward point-blank fire into the rear!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I have downloaded the "Full Thrust" rules for free from Ground Zero Games:

They look like they'd be a lot of fun. Let me know the next time you're going to try them out.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

For certain Jeff, we shall advertise it in advance as in the past.

Perhaps there will be an indoor, basement location very very near you that will be ready to game some Full Thrust by November?