Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Returning to Napoleon's Battles

It has been a number of years since I have run any Napoleon's Battles games, having concentrated on SHAKO and English Civil War since 2007.

So in preparation for a re-staging of Austerlitz, I did a tabletop game using some of the same Austerlitz formations (so that I did not have to re-do the tags).

Russian Line troops form a massive column to re-deploy to the left ...

I set up a French flank force encountering a Russo-Austrian advance guard.

Nothing terribly special, other than the march order needed to be somewhat historical in nature (no guards at the front).

early situation, Russians top left, Austrians bottom left, French to the right

French battle columns form up behind covering cavlary

Austrian cavalry face some French cannons and pay the price with disorder and losses

an entire Austrian column

it took some time and eventually the Russians moved in to assault the French positions

While brave, they could not 'crack' into the town defenses

Eventually the battle wound down with many casualties taken by Russians
Disordered and routing Russian Cavalry were unable to effect any change on the French progress & my turn sequence of play controller was photographed also.

I was able to refresh my memory for much of the combat system in Napoleon's Battles, though urban conflict was in error and I applied a CC factor to shooting which caused more casualties than would be.  I felt ready to take on the big action of Austerlitz!

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