Sunday, April 29, 2018

Austerlitz Redux

In 2004 I joined forces with Kelly Jones to put on a bicentennial game in 15mm of Austerlitz.

Mainly using Kelly's collection and terrain, with my own additions to the scenario and some role-play elements in an 'orders session' that took place the night before the battle, simulating the sort of interplay that the Allied supreme command between the Russians and Austrians might have been like.

a small sample of the Jones Collection in 15mm

At this year's Salute Convention I had the opportunity to connect with a number of old guard Napoleonic Grognards, whom I gamed with in the 1990s and knew that Kelly's collection was still intact and the possibility for using it again appeared.  At the same time I was connecting with a number of historical miniatures minded players that live south of me here on Vancouver Island.

We have set a plan, to re-stage the Austerlitz game with the Jones Collection at a location in Nanaimo.  May 20th.

I am already gearing up my writing and materials to support this game, while we may not be able to get the night before briefing and role-play included this time, we are certainly shaping up to have more than five players in the game!

panoramic view of the battlefield from 2004 game


Jonathan Freitag said...

Is this Austerlitz game meant as a tribute game for Kelly? If so, great idea. Who holds Kelly’s collection now? I recall playing in more than one of Kelly’s games at past Enfilades many years ago.

MurdocK said...

I will admit I had not thought of this as such a thing, for we are not going to be able to have more than about eight players (more will really cause the table to be crowded with people).

The collection is still in the keeping of Carol and Clancy at their Victoria home.