Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We interrupt this blog for a Pulp Action report :

Greetings to all readers and ships at sea.

This Pulp Action report brought to you by the makers of Gleem toothpaste, Dentist on the Job.

For this nights action we were in Whiskeyville, where a raid was to take place.

The Dark Fire, GREEDS and The Yellow Peril had converged on the town to gain information about a mysterious item brought back from an archaeological dig.

all is quiet in the small town of Whiskeyville

buildings had interior drawings laid out

filled with all manner of dangerous Pulp characters
once put back over the minis it was hard to tell where everyone was
The three leagues converged on the few bits of information available, in the form of townspeople walking innocently about in the late afternoon sunset.

GREEDS League were gangsters

who turned out to have a few new wrinkles in their action

The Yellow Peril had two minor and the one major plot point in their control at one stage ...

when the Dark fire gang came on with a rush!
Feng-Yi, leader of the Yellow Peril, was first off the mark to reach a plot point person, then quickly learn of the location of the major plot point a mysterious dagger from the dig.

From that moment on it was simply a race to get Feng-Yi out of the area and to cover her movements, the rest of the Yellow Peril took actions to keep her safe.

One member, Tong, even managed to convince old George (another plot point) to help, when George asked a Dark fire man in his read hood to "Just wait here ... I'll get help." and Tong escaped with him!

Not for long though as the gang of Dark Fire faithful set upon him - the sniper Wu Fang shot three of them down, just before another Dark Fire member showed up with a tommy gun to spray fire into the street.

Feng Yi in the center of town with the major and minor plot points in hand

while the Dark Fire did mess up the Yellow Peril gaining another plot point, the situation went from bad to worse for the Dark Fire as they got into a 'sticky situation'
The GREEDS and Dark Fire did have a few chances at gaining the plot points, they were unable to finesse or moxie their way into either controlling them or keeping them.

Indeed the Dark Fire player did overcome the challenges twice ... only to get a ZONK.

Jeff mourning his run of bad luck
We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

This message brought to you by Dentist on the Job.

Read all about Jeff's version in his blog On Pulp Street.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Just to correct Murdock, I did manage to draw both "Red Herring" reward cards . . . BUT I also took a reward away from the Yellow Peril . . . and lost it on the last turn when my character failed a Peril thrown by those fiendish Orientals . . . so I actually did have three chances even though I ended up with zilch.

-- Jeff