Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Library game days

our library is part of this network
This coming September 19th I shall take part in the opening of a series of games days at the local library.

There is one Saturday in each of September, October, November and December set aside now for tabletop or board games at the same time as some role-playing games, then two other Saturdays each month will also have role-playing games happening.

My eldest son is most happy with the plan.

I am planing SHAKO II for September, Squad Leader for October, then depending on interest, either another SHAKO II game in November or an expansion of Squad Leader.  Allowing for a desire to 'sample' more I could also do Conquest of the Empire and a Cashflow game in November and December.

I am perked up with the potential to connect with some game players that I have only contacted via the net and possibly find a player or two locally for more games in-between the one Saturday per month at the Library.

Amendment Sept 12:

Now the October date for the game day, I will be with a family trip away to Vancouver.  So no game.

Meaning November and December are the only two I get.

 Amendment Sept 16:

Now I shall have to be doing daddy driving duties starting at 3:45 pm.

So I shall be bringing a bit of a show-and-tell of minis and board games with the intent to run a game of Squad Leader.


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